10 Tips On How To Improve And Maintain Hair Quality


Hair is often seen as our number one asset. If we have amazing hair, we can do anything! In this article, Beauty and Tips offers 10 tips on how to improve and maintain hair quality.

There are many reasons why your hair may no longer looks as lustrous as it once did. Maintaining excellent hair quality is kinda hard, and it’s sabotaged by things like pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, a poor diet, as well as generally poor physical health.

After all, the quality and condition of your hair often gives you a good insight into well your body is doing on the inside. If your hair looks amazing, it usually means that your body is doing just fine.

If your hair has lost its glow recently, it can indicate that something is wrong inside your body. In which case, it’s time to make changes.

But as well as tackling the direct causes of poor hair quality and growth, there are other things you can do to bring out your former youthful shine and healthy glow. Let’s take a look at 10 tips on how to improve hair quality!


This one sounds obvious, right? So how come you’ve not tried it yet?

Truth is, most of us – if not all of us – exfoliate our skin. We have no problem with that, and it’s a key part of our beauty regime. But how many of us are exfoliating our scalps?

Far too few.

If your scalp is too blocked and flaky for your liking at the moment, unclog it with an exfoliator. It’s easy, doesn’t hurt, and will get your hair looking in tip-top shape again in no time at all.

Consume The Right Amount Of Protein

Another tips on how to improve hair quality is to eat healthy. You don’t need to go crazy and consume more protein than you need to – you just need to make sure that you’re consuming enough.

Protein is the building block of life. It stimulates hair growth, and helps to strengthen and promote better hair quality. Your hair is rich in protein, so it figures that you need to eat enough of it to hold onto a nice-looking mane.

You can get your protein from two main sources:

  • Animal protein
  • Meat protein

Both sources are good. If you’ve given up meat recently, or are thinking about giving up meat, fear not – you can get just as much protein from plants, such as quinoa, chia seeds, nuts and beans.

If you do eat meat, good source of protein include lean meats, such as turkey and chicken breast, as well as dairy products, such as eggs.

Be Careful With Wet Hair

You need to be more careful with wet hair as it’s much more sensitive to breakage than dry hair. Don’t shampoo with too much aggression, and don’t style it until it’s dry.

Eat Lots Of Vitamins

Are you eating enough vitamins? If you aren’t, this could be a reason why your hair doesn’t look or feel as good as it once did.

Biotin and vitamin C are the best vitamins when it comes to improving and maintaining hair quality. Vitamin C helpfully produces more collagen, which your body needs to stimulate better hair growth. It also absorbs iron, which again boosts hair growth at the same time as it boosts your immune system.

You can get adequate amounts of vitamin C from the likes of spinach and broccoli.

Biotin, meanwhile, is found in fish, eggs, and berries and promotes stronger hair.

Consume More Gelatine

Provided you eat meat, you need to get serious about your gelatine intake if you want healthier hair. You can find gelatine in gelatine powder, as well as bone broth.

But why is it so important? Gelatine is rich in two important amino acids, proline and glycine. Despite their importance, way too many of us don’t get enough of them. But because they’re found in the fibrous tissues of your hair and strengthen your hair, it’s kinda crucial that you get them.

Don’t Dye Your Hair

Anyone who has dyed their hair know what a toll it can take on their mane. So the tip on how to improve hair quality is: don’t dye your hair. The harmful chemicals will wreak havoc. You might look great – but you already look great!

Apply Serum Or Oil

Another tip on how to improve hair quality is to use hait serum or oil. This is one tip that often gets crossed off a girls’ beauty regime list, but we’re not sure why. Serum or oil can play a key role in improving and maintaining the quality of your hair if you let it.

It attacks your hairs’ problems, and should be a core part of your arsenal of hair products alongside conditioner and shampoo. It also works as a heat barrier.

You can also choose products that protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Ask at your local pharmacy/health store for advice on this.

Apply Night Mask

This is another great tip on how to improve hair quality that a great many ladies miss. Maybe it’s because you’ve never heard of it before, or maybe it’s because you’re just not convinced it could work?

Night mask works – and it’s awesome!

The next time you go for your beauty sleep, remember to prep your hair by applying an overnight mask. It repairs your hair while you slumber, so that when you work up you’ll be just like Sleeping Beauty.

Or would that be Waking Beauty?

Massage Your Scalp

Next good tip on how to improve hair quality is to massage your scalp. It’s not weird to do it yourself. It feels good, and it boosts the circulation in your head, which is exactly what you need as you look to improve and maintain hair quality.

Don’t Shampoo All The Time

Wanna know a secret? (of course you do)

Despite what you’ve been told, you don’t actually have to shampoo all the time. In fact, excessive shampooing (each day) could be the reason your hair has lots its shine and vitality of late. Three times is the most you need to shampoo your hair, but you can get away with just twice.

Do you have other tips on how to improve hair quality?


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